My job requires heavy lifting and other manual labour that can leave me with hip and back pain, my partner also suffers with work related back pain. But we have been lucky enough to meet and be successfully treated by Sara. Not only is Sara extremely knowledgable and professional but her treatments for us have been highly successful. When I first visited it was because I was unable to bend low enough to tie my laces due to the pain in my hips and lower back. The morning after my first visit I felt as if I'd never had the problem in the first place, my flexibility returned almost immediately. The same for recent pains in the middle of my back caused by carrying heavy kitchen worktops, two days after my visit I was able to complete heavy work as if the problem had never existed. We would also highly recommend Sara not only for help with pain relief but also for a general once over every now and then to check ones posture is correct etc. Sara appears to notice any physical anomalies however small. Sara's after care advice is always thorough and informative and we receive very helpful follow up emails regarding exercises. We cannot recommend, and of course thank, Sara enough.
I suffer from Scoliosis and lower back problems and have a lot of discomfort and pain. Went to Trinity Clinic yesterday, I'm a different person this morning. Feel absolutely brilliant and I'm inches taller!! Can't recommend Sara enough, superb attention and professionalism, spotlessly clean and all aspects of Covid care covered. Thank you Sara.
Just a brief line to say thank you for the massage last week. I have to say that I have felt an immense benefit following treatment and certainly have experienced noticeable pain relief. The sensitivity in my arm that would normally be triggered by certain foods has not reoccured.
As someone who has suffered with back pain all of my adult life I have considered having an appointment with a chiropractor a few times; however the thought of being 'clicked or cracked' into place absolutely terrified me and made me avoid going down the chiropractor route. A friend mentioned Sara at Trinity Clinic and explained that she offers a more gentle approach and after looking on her website: I read around the McTimoney method she practices which is a more gentle, whole body approach. From first contact with Sara via her online contact form to initial consultation and treatment to the further follow up appointments I have been extremely impressed! Sara a really lovely lady; sets you at ease straight away, she is very professional, knows her stuff and is very passionate about her expertise! The results I have experienced have been amazing! My Pain went from a 9/10 to a 2/10 in 1 session and the follow up appointments have been equally as beneficial! My sessions with Sara are now high up on my priorities; the benefits really help me lead a happier life! Thank you so much Sara! Your a miracle worker!
Ian was professional throughout every treatment session and had good pressure and techniques that helped the predominant tension I had. He gave a thorough consultation at the beginning of each treatment and altered the techniques used to incorporate any issues we had discussed. Really enjoyed each treatment. Thank you.
I was in pain with my back for over a year before I met Sara, she quickly realised that seriousness of my problem and recommended I tried a personal trainer and recommended Rachel and received massages with Ian. The combination of treatment and exercises meant that I have made significant improvements to my overall fitness, the pain has gone and my mental health has improved. My quality of life is better than ever thanks to this holistic approach!
Sara and Ian have both been truly amazing. Both friendly, welcoming and the advice has been outstanding. The treatment and plan of care in the clinic has contributed to my recovery. Both have great patient centred care and deliver a very professional service. Highly recommended and so pleased I received my treatment with them both.
I thought you would like to know that I am much much better this morning after your treatment on Tuesday. I can circle my arm right round (both ways) without pain and, though there is still a bit of twinging when I do certain movements, it is tons better. You have worked a miracle. The pins and needles feeling in my leg has gone too and it hasn't troubled me when I was lying down. I have got marvelous bruises on my leg but it is well worth it! It really is fantastic the difference you have made! Hurrah hurrah!
I can't recommend Sara enough. For most of my life I have struggled with serve migraines, muscle and bone pain, constantly feeling fatigued etc which had prevented me from leading the lifestyle I wanted. I got to the point where I couldn't cope with my pain (10/10) I was sceptical as I not found any relief but November 2019 I went to Sara, and I can't believe the change. Been headache free ever since and my other pains have gone from what was a 10 to 1 even 0. I loved how Sara really listened, and helped accordingly to what my body could take each session. And the after care/advice for when I'm home. I know it's only the beginning of my journey to healing but I know I'm on the right path and already loving the results to the quality of my life.
Sara treated me regularly for 3 years before I moved to Canada. I have chronic fatigue syndrome amongst other issues and besides the overall realignment benefits I always noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I had made an assumption that I would easily be able to find a chiropractor here in Canada, as there's a clinic on every block, that would match her abilities. Unfortunately not. The practitioners here either use so much force that you feel more broken than when you went in, or they use so little pressure that it takes 3 visits a week for 2 months to notice any difference other than the dent in your bank balance. So my point is this: Sara Hadfield is a fantastic chiropractor. She is skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding. Go regularly, book in advance, keep your appointments, do the stretches and exercises she recommends, and know that chiropractors like Sara don't come along every day.
Sara is an excellent Chiropractor and I highly recommend her. After only two months of treatment Sara's skills and expertise have completely cured the excruciating leg and back pain that I had been experiencing when I first met her. Before the treatment I could hardly stand or walk despite taking strong painkillers. I would dread going to bed at night as not only was I in great pain moving but also just lying. Getting out of bed was even more painful. I would have to hold on to surrounding furniture and eventually stand up. It is remarkable now after Sara's Chiropractic techniques that I am at last pain free. I can walk quickly, stand for long periods of time and generally enjoy life again. Shopping is now pleasurable as I am no longer looking for a seat to sit on. Thank you so much Sara. I can't believe what a difference you have made to my life.
Thank you for the massage yesterday. I am so happy to say that I slept last night with no pain for the first time in 3 weeks!
Thank you Sara for helping me become the woman I am meant to be! I chose to visit a Chiropractor because I thought it was the right choice for me. It was the best decision I have made in a very long time. Your understanding, kindness and superb knowledge has equipped me with the tools to lead a pain free daily life. Enjoying my garden, a hike up a hill, painting a wall and even ironing had eluded me for a very long time. The most precious gift I have been given is sleep and a life without painkillers!!! Thank you so much Sara xxx
I'm not really sure how I can fully do justice to the exceptional skills, expertise and remarkable 'gift' that Sara has. She is extremely sensitive to what she reads when undertaking manipulation and is truly gifted as a chiropractor. She has kept me mobile, fit and able even in the most stressful times - and there have been a few. But don't just take my word for it – make an appointment with Sara and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed!
Sara Hadfield is a lovely helpful intuitive Chiropractic Therapist who has been invaluable in maintaining and improving my health during the past couple of years and I highly recommend her. As she says, Keep Calm and Get Adjusted!
After only two sessions, it has been a great relief on my lower back, and that was after years of discomfort and pain killers. Recommend without a doubt.
Just wanted to thank you for sorting me out today. Also wanted to let you know that my dad was able to write a handwritten note to his neighbour today - he's not been able to do that for a long time!
Thank you also for the fabulous treatment. I have no pain in my neck at all now. What a difference it makes!
I went for treatment with Sara after my partner had been to her with great results. I was having a lot of shoulder and neck pain. Whilst realigning my spine Sara discovered that I had one leg shorter than the other which was causing the problems and she recommended I go to a podiatrist to get a lift for my shoe. Since doing that the pain I was having has abated. I fully endorse Sara as a McTimoney Chiropractor and will continue to see her regularly for an MOT!
The orthopaedic pillow you prescribed for me is absolutely brilliant. My shoulder is so much better after treatment - thanks! I'm so thrilled to be on the right track now.
I have used Sara for 2 different problems that I have had, the first was my back from lifting too much and the second was a long standing issue that i have had with 'pins and needles' in my arms which has caused me a lot of pain and disrupted sleep over the last 5 years. After just 2 visits Sara has improved this better than I could have ever imagined, I no longer get the pain and now get a full nights uninterrupted sleep. I wish i had seen her sooner.
I am really pleased with the treatment I received from Sara. I have not only benefited from the treatment itself, but also from the information Sara provided me with about the mechanics of my body. This has been really helpful in the recovery as well for prevention of further injury. Thanks to the treatment I received, I can now confidently enjoy running and yoga again, which I'm really happy about!