Upper Trapezius stretch

The Trapezius (Traps) is a big muscle and often produces pain in the shoulders. This video shows a couple of stretches to relieve tightness. Make sure you push the shoulders DOWN during these exercises - if you lift your shoulders they won't work!

Median, Ulnar, Radial nerve flossing

These three nerves start in the neck, run down the arm, and innervate different areas of the hand. Nerves can get tethered or impacted anywhere along their length causing pain. Flossing aims to get the nerves moving smoothly and without pain. Check with your therapist which nerve is involved in your case.

More Ulnar nerve flossing

If you find the "Biggles" exercise a bit weird or hard to do, here are a few different things you can try.

Stretching the Biceps muscle

As well as getting tight through overuse, a shortened Biceps can pull on the Biceps tendon in the shoulder causing pain.

Stretching the Triceps muscle

The opposite muscle to the Biceps. Stretch this one as well!

Stretching the Pectoral muscles

The Pectoral muscles at the front of the shoulders and chest are often short and tight as a result of modern posture (computer, driving, phone). Here is an easy stretch to help loosen and lengthen them.

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