Chin tucks

One of our favourite exercises for shoulder and neck pain/stiffness resulting from poor computer/phone posture or long distance driving. You can do these at your desk or in the car without even stopping what you're doing!

Forward Head Posture

Here's a great exercise for strengthening the weaker muscles that result from forward head posture (texter's neck, computer shoulders etc)

Neck Stretcher

We've been testing a neck stretcher device to help with neck extension and traction. Easy (and lazy) to use - all you do is lie on it! Helps with both neck/shoulder stiffness and posture.

It's not suitable for everyone though, so please ask us for advice before using one.

This one seems to be well made and comfortable but there are many others:

If you use the arm position shown here in the instructions you get a Pec stretch for free!

Dr Jo has a video for more information:

Posture Book

This is our favourite book on posture. Very simple, with 2-page spreads for common daily activities like sitting, driving, sleeping and using a phone or computer. Also has helpful sections on breathing and stretching.

Click on the image for a link to Amazon.

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