Covid-19 Information

You will receive an e-mail reminder the day before your appointment. If anything regarding your health changes before your appointment, PLEASE LET US KNOW! Read the information below carefully before attending.

Please arrange to pay online if possible before your appointment.

We are still practicing with special clinical measures at present and so we would be pleased if you will note the following well in advance of your appointment:-

1. Stay in the car until we wave for you to come in. Please do not leave your engine running if you have to wait, as it annoys our neighbours and creates unnecessary fumes. If the weather is fine, you may sit at the garden table to wait but please don't walk down the garden or approach the pond.

2. For your safety, we will be using standard PPE. When you come in (wearing your type IIR medical mask if possible), we will take your temperature before allowing you into the clinic space. Please note that if you show any signs of a fever, we will be unable to treat you.

3. If your temperature is normal we will tell you and then you will need to use the alcohol hand sanitiser provided before we let you into the treatment room. We are allowing extra time between appointments to allow for additional cleaning and to maintain social distancing.

4. Please bring one large clean towel which can be washed when you arrive home.

5. Please wear newly washed clothes. We will be doing the same. Please bring as few items as possible into the room eg phone, wallet keys, handbags etc. Do wear the minimum of loose comfortable indoor clothing, for example loose shorts or track suit, or you may prefer a light dressing gown.

After your appointment, We will ask you to take your towel home and put it a hot wash immediately. You may sanitise your hands again before leaving.

Sincere apologies if this all sounds a little draconian, however, we are still operating under strict guidelines required by our regulatory bodies and insurers, as you will no doubt appreciate.

Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you for your appointment.